Scripture Impact

                Stories of transform lives through the translated Scripture in their heart language


God's Word Equips

“We are extremely glad that God’s Word has been translated into our mother tongue. It means that we will be able to read God’s Word and know the truth about God”.

People who have very little knowledge of Jesus and Christian teachings commonly think that the church cannot meet all their needs, so they consult a medium to find a spiritual reason for an untimely death or any unusual occurrence. People believe the spirits are everywhere– in the rivers, in the rocks, in the trees.

Straight to the Heart 

How did this Bible get turned into our kind of drama?"  the Obo Manobo people asked when they heard the gospel in their heart language and their own cultural music for the first time. During our January audio Bible distribution, about 50 adults listened and their responses were fantastic. All who received an audio Bible played them in their homes and a lot of children began to dance as they listen to their song.

Darkness to Light

In many parts of our country demonic oppression is clearly palpable, even in the little details of life. Many worship trees,  rivers, rocks, snakes. Both adults and children bow in worship. Some gods even live in potholes along the road. These places are sacred and people step around them because they are considered holy places.

Hear Katalina Mandangke's (Obo Manobo)   testimony- In my house we had an altar where we offered chickens’ blood, danced and worshiped our god but after hearing God’s Word in my language saying “Jesus said to him, “Go, Satan! For it is written ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only.’   I  was so scared that I destroyed my altar and burned it. Now me and the rest of my family are worshiping the true God at home and at church.