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In August 1989, Ena Vander Molen  and  Vera Khor (under SIL) were assigned to begin a translation project among the Obo Manobo people in Mindanao, Southern Philippines. The people are estimated to  be at least 70,000, residing in 6 different districts. Many of them live in remote hinterlands, far away from  any public school, with a low literacy rate. Ten years later, a local Manobo inter church organization called Obo Manobo Active Language Resource and Community Development, Incorporated (OMALRACDI) was established in 1998 to take ownership of the work among the people. The Obo Manobo New Testament was completed in 2010 and dedicated in October 2011.        

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Address: Sitio Sayaban, Ilomavis, Kidapawan City

Country: Phillipines

Province: North Cotabato

Zip Code: 9400 

Contact us for inquriesinfo@omalracdi.org



  1. The organization is established for the general purposes outlined in the Articles of Incorporation plus the following specific purposes.
  2. The promotion and distribution of the printed and vernacular Scriptures among Obo Manobo churches.
  3. The strengthening of Obo Manobo Christians via strategies of teaching seminars and Pastors fellowship meetings.

Mission Statement of OMALRACDI

To uplift our Obo Manobo indigenous people's spiritual, economic, social, mental, physical and moral well being as well as to preserve our culture and language by way of translating Scriptures and educational literature, teaching literacy, doing community development and sharing our resources with our fellow Manobo groups based on Scriptural principles.


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